Vacuum forming by Imatex

Vacuum formed parts

Vacuum formed parts can be found in all branches of industry.

Vacuum formed

Sheets up to 2500 x 1700 mm can be vacuum formed.

Automatically loaded in the vacuum

Sheets are automatically loaded in the vacuum.

Preheated sheet

The preheated sheet is first inflated.

Heated plastic sheet

Vacuum is applied to the heated sheet.

Cooling on the mold

After cooling on the mold, the piece will retain its shape.

Finished on the milling machines

Technical pieces are still finished on the milling machines after vacuum forming.

Vacuum forming (thermoforming)

is a process in which a flat plastic sheet is completely heated by means of heating elements and then vacuum-formed over a mould.

Imatex has accumulated over 35 years of experience in this process so we know exactly what’s possible and what material is right for which application.

Polystyrene (PS), Polycarbonate (PC), PETG, Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), PVC, ABS and Acrylic are just a fraction of the materials which we can shape.
Polycarbonate and acrylic are always pre-dried in our drying ovens.

Imatex has 8 vacuum machines, both manual and fully automated, with a maximum dimensioning of 2500 x 1700 x 800. Smaller batches can also be taken into consideration. We use our 5-axis laser or milling machines which are fully controlled by our CAD/CAM system for the finishing work.

Imatex has also secured a reputation for excellence over the years in the development of vacuum moulds. We can produce your vacuum mould in our own workplace, either from our own design or the customer’s. This means we can produce your mould efficiently and at low cost and then proceed to prototyping and/or production. Depending on the plastic being moulded and the batch size, the mould can be manufactured in various materials; from MDF for very small batches or prototypes, epoxy and PU for small to medium batches, up to aluminium for larger batches. If desired, the customer can supply his own mould.

We also look after the storage of your mould.

Benefits of vacuum forming at Imatex:


From mould to final finishing, full production within a single company


Low mould costs


Short lead times


Small and large batches


We can also carry out assembling, glueing, ultrasound welding, labelling, laser engraving and marking on your behalf


Over 35 years of experience in vacuum forming

Some examples of vacuum forming