Imatex processing: CNC Milling

Imatex procesing

CNC Milling


The milled pieces are deburred

Imatex milling machines

Milling, drilling, sawing and flattening can be done on the milling machines.

Imatex vacuum table

Sheets can both be clamped or sucked in by the vacuum table.

Prototypes by Imatex

Prototypes are made with great accuracy.

5-axis 3D milling machines

The 5-axis 3D milling machines can move in all directions.

Accuracy CNC milling

The CNC milling is done with the most accuracy.

Finishing the vacuum-formed parts

Our milling machines finishes the vacuum-formed parts.

The right thickness

Flattening sheets to get the right thickness.

Molds for vacuum forming

Imatex makes the molds for vacuum forming in its own workshop.

Milling in multiple steps

Thick blocks are milled in multiple steps.

3-axis milling machines

Imatex has two 3-axis milling machines.

Milled or laser cut

Technical pieces are milled or laser cut.

We have two 3-axis, one 4-axis and three 5-axis CNC milling machines which can be deployed for both piecework and for large batches.

Both flat and 3D-shaped components can be worked using these. These machines are also used for milling vacuum moulds. Maximum dimensions are 3600 x 2600 x 1200mm (L x W x H).

Our CAD/CAM software will translate your design into a definitive production drawing. We can also import most commonly recognised CAD files (DXF, DWG, STEP, IGES, etc).