Imatex processing: Bending, folding and drape forming

Imatex processing

Bending, folding and drape forming

The plate is locally heated

When bending, the plate is locally heated so that it can be folded.

Cooling in molds

After cooling in molds, a bended piece retains its shape.

Bended without heating

PET and PC can be bended without heating.

Blown in the traditional way

Half-spheres are blown in the traditional way.

Drape forming

Drape forming is used for low quantities.

Molding of plastics

The molding of plastics has various applications.


The dishes for butcher’s shops have been produced for 65 years.

The plastics we process are thermoplastics which can be reshaped at higher temperatures.

When heated locally or fully they become flexible and the material can be formed to the required angle.

For more complicated shapes the sheet is completely heated in an oven and then cooled in a mould to the required shape. We also have the right machines for carrying out drape forming.

Some materials, such as polycarbonate and PET can also be folded on our CNC-controlled folding bench.