Imatex sawmill department

The sawmill department, with various types of saws

3D lasercutting

The Imatex 5-axis 3D lasercutting machine.

3D milling machines

Two 5-axis 3D milling machines at Imatex.

Imatex recycling

Waste at Imatex is kept in special bins for recycling

Imatex production hall

The new production hall is used for bending and bonding

Polycarbonate sheets

polycarbonate sheets are pre-dried before being vacuum formed.

Imatex's warehouse

A large stock of sheets is stored in Imatex’s warehouse.

Imatex showroom

A few showpieces are displayed in the showroom.

Imatex is your perfect partner for all projects involving plastic. 

With over 65 years of experience and with our 50 experienced employees, we can offer a wide range of production possibilities.

We are ready to support you, starting from design and advice through to effective production and supply of your product.

Our diverse range of processing facilities, extensive assortment of modern machinery coupled with our enormous stock of all kinds of plastics, enables us to cope with both simple and highly complex projects. For piecework, small, medium or large batches, we combine outstanding quality with short lead times at competitive prices.



A selection of our completed projects.

Our mission: sustainable manufacturing.

Environmental policy

Our mission: sustainable manufacturing.

Imatex History


Imatex through the years.